Hi! I’m Ash. Welcome, or welcome back, to my rebuilt, redesigned and rehosted blog. After I ran into some trouble with hosting Jekyll on Github Pages (particularly with the static comment system I was using), I decided that instead of wrestling with it any further I’d just find a better hosting system. These things, of course, are never as simple as they seem, but I eventually decided to host with neocities and build the site with Zola. It took a bit to get configured, but I’m finding this a much easier overall experience and I’m finally starting to be satisfied with the way this blog is laid out.

I’ve decided to put my old posts under the Archive tab up on the top right, because I feel like it’s been long enough that there’d be a weird disjoint if I tried to make it all one thing. Besides, it was fun to set up the separate page. I’ve decided, as a compromise, I am going to enable the tags on archived posts, but the RSS/Atom feed (when it is fully working) will only include current posts. [Edit 11/23/21: this ended up being more trouble than it was worth, so I’ve decided to make it, in fact, all one thing.]

Glad to be back up and running! I kind of like how things are sitting right now, so I hope it’ll be a while before I have to reconfigure everything again. Fingers crossed.