I’m Ashla! I’m a newcomer to the small web and am still getting the hang of managing my own website. Things will change here, probably for the better!

This site is currently generated with Zola, a simple, opinionated, extremely fast static website generator written in Rust. I’m using a slightly tweaked version of Pawel Romanowski’s Terminimal theme, a fork of Radosław Kozieł’s Terminal theme for Hugo.

I would suggest getting started here with some of my more developed posts. “Archive” in the menu bar lets you browse a chronological list of posts, “tags” lists them by topic, “status” lists them by epistemic status (how sure I am about what I’m writing and how confident I am with the end result), and “atom/rss” gives you the link to the Atom feed for the site, to use with your favorite RSS reader. Feel free to contact me via my social media links, or via email at ash@apisashla.com! Thanks for stopping by.