Ash's Archive

The archive contains pages from the old Jekyll version of my blog. These are mainly for reference, as I'm consistently embarrassed at every version of myself prior to the exact present. Despite this, I've enabled tags on archived posts, so they will show up alongside current posts. I've currently disabled the Atom feed for the archive, as I don't expect I'll be adding anything else.

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Work in Progress!

Hi! I've come back to this blog after a long absence, and because of changes made on the backend of Jekyll, Ruby, github pages and so forth, I'm thinking the best way to tackle this may be to rebuild the site. Comments will be lost, but posts may not be (I say "may not"…

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I don't know who I'd be apologizing to if I apologized for lack of content over the past couple months - most likely just the couple people who I already know look at this blog. Instead, here is an expansion on the religious project I've outlined in previous posts. The central el…

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The Long Game

As cities break into revolt and the President threatens martial law, I feel the need to clarify where I stand. To put it bluntly, I believe the police are and have always been an institution designed to threaten and control rather than serve and protect, and the murder of George …

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We live, as they say, in interesting times. We're all trapped at the moment, either in our homes or at work or both. Right now seems like a good time to meditate on escape, and what that might mean. I think most of us spend at least some time thinking about escape, wherever we en…

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After some configuration and a whole lot of help from Travis Downs at Performance Matters, I've set up Staticman comments for this blog! This means that all comments are handled by my own personal little cloud app running on Heroku, interacting with html and Liquid code stored on…